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03. Ākonga Behaviour and Development: In-depth Introduction

In this longer course, you will cover the fundamentals of ākonga behaviour in the context of behaviour models and ākonga development. There will be a particular focus on problematic and defiant behaviours and how they might be effectively managed in the classroom environment, working alongside a classroom teacher.


You will also apply this knowledge to cultural contexts, support from whānau, and neurodivergence.


Little knowledge is assumed. 

There is an option to add a 45-minute kōrero and kai session.

Time: 2 hours.

Delivery mode: Either in person or online.


  • $400 in person

  • $350 online

  • There is an option for an additional kai + kōrero for an extra 45 minutes in person. This is an additional $50.

04. Ākonga Behaviour and Development Masterclass

In this half-day course, you will cover the fundamentals of ākonga behaviour and development. This will summarise behaviour models, child development, and information on managing behaviour and engaging in restorative practice.


Knowledge will be applied to various classroom contexts, cultural contexts, getting support from whānau, and neurodivergence.


This will cover both basic and more complex principles, so both those with little or some experience managing difficult behaviour may benefit.


We may be able to match some content to the unique contexts of your school/Kāhui Ako and the ākonga you work with.


A light meal and snacks are provided. 

Time: Half-day (~3-4 hours).

Delivery mode: In person.

Price: $600. This includes kai and kōrero.

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