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Stakeholder engagement

Improving stakeholder inclusion and communication for superior outcomes.

Change initiatives in the public and education sectors often involve multiple groups of stakeholders that have divergent opinions, communication styles, and levels of involvement in the project.


D & G specialises in identifying and engaging all relevant stakeholders, supporting each group in the way that enables them to make meaningful contributions to the project’s process and solutions, and synthesising all information so clients receive stakeholder feedback in a concise, focused report. Properly including all stakeholders in the preliminary phases of change has two key benefits. Firstly, the practice directly leads to better outcomes, as more thought and perspectives are incorporated. Secondly, by feeling heard and valued, stakeholders become more likely to accept the ultimate outcome — even if it differs from their personal opinions— resulting in a more successful implementation process.

Recent projects:

  • Ministry of Education

  • Canterbury West Coast Secondary Principals’ Association

  • Regenerate Christchurch Ōtākaro Avon River

  • Lyttelton Port Company

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