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Project facilitation

Guiding groups to make timely, informed and unified decisions.

Often, after deciding on a large change initiative, such as a co-location or new schooling provision, individuals across stakeholder groups must then work together to construct and implement a comprehensive change plan, from vision to logistics.

Stakeholders can find it difficult to reach consensus on all aspects of the change, especially in the timeframe required. D & G is adept at working with core leadership teams to maintain focus, improve relationships and make timely decisions. We are able to enhance communication and understanding between parties, and find solutions that incorporate the needs of different stakeholders, as well as learnings from relevant examples and research. Improving the relationship between leadership parties not only produces superior results; it encourages longer-term sustainability for the change initiative and the organisation’s goals.

Recent projects:

  • New school provision for Queenstown, Wanaka, Lincoln, Halswell and Rangiora.

  • Change management and facilitation support for the co-location of Avonside Girls’ High School and Shirley Boy’s High School (Christchurch) and Marlborough Boys’ and Girls’ Colleges (Blenheim).

  • Numerous schools entering redevelopments or rebuilds.

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