Preparing education and public sector organisations to achieve meaningful, enduring change.

D & G collaborates with organisations across the education and public sectors that are undergoing an array of change initiatives.

Employing evidence-based methodologies, we support organisations during the pre-change phase, which allows for a smoother, more successful implementation process. The strong infrastructure built through this preliminary work is essential if a change initiative is to succeed and endure. D & G guides clients to make more informed and effective decisions, with an adaptable process that values and utilises all stakeholders.


Improving stakeholder inclusion and collaboration for superior outcomes.

Guiding groups to make timely, informed and unified decisions.

Embedding organisational values and purpose into an organisation’s culture and strategy.

Using industry and academic research to produce customised solutions.

Who we are

We are a team of consultants who are highly experienced in public and education sector projects throughout New Zealand.


Founded in 2012, our boutique consultancy has built a reputation for executing complex projects, which enable public and education sector organisations to approach and sustain important change initiatives. D & G consultants help clients to consider the most appropriate way to approach their desired change, and to make informed, timely decisions that will carry momentum into the project’s implementation phase. Our deep subject matter expertise, coupled with our facilitation techniques and extensive relationships throughout the education and public sectors, allow our clients to experience a smoother process, as well as stronger outcomes.

Four Guiding Principles

D & G’s adaptable methodology is guided by four design principles, which allow us to tailor our solutions to fit the specific needs of each client and change project. These principles are:

We develop an understanding of your values and incorporate them into the process and changes.


We cultivate organisational cooperation, which produces solutions all stakeholders accept.


We work within your timeframes and up to your expectations, without exception.


We research new and emerging practices, allowing our clients to benefit from industry-leading insights.


Principal Consultant

Dr Gabrielle Wall

Gabrielle co-founded D & G Consulting in 2012 following the Canterbury earthquakes, and serves as the firm’s principal consultant.


With a deep expertise in the education sector and in organisational change management, she sought to create a consultancy that could support the rebuilding of the education sector - both physically and pedagogically. Since then, Gabrielle has expanded D & G’s capabilities to lead projects for the public sector, such as red zone development plans, and for multi-stakeholder engagements. Gabrielle is known for her ability to adapt and deliver under difficult and fast-changing circumstances, ensuring client satisfaction.

For more information about Gabrielle, visit her LinkedIn page.

You can contact Gabrielle to discuss working together.  

Gabrielle Wall


D & G works with public and education sector organisations on a variety of projects pertaining to change initiatives.


D & G Consulting

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