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Researching the impact of new learning environments on student achievement

In an effort to support a number of schools undergoing redevelopments and rebuilds, the Ministry of Education sought guidance on how physical learning spaces could positively influence teaching and learning. The Ministry contracted D & G to produce a researched report that assessed the impact of different learning spaces on student achievement and engagement.

D & G employed a mix of primary and secondary research to produce evidence-based guidelines for the Ministry. The primary research consisted of interviews with specialists in the areas of Māori and Pasifika education, as well as education for students with disabilities or special education needs. These findings were complemented by secondary research, which included in-depth literature reviews of studies conducted across multiple countries in both applied and academic contexts. The Ministry has since published D & G’s two reports, which are now available for use by schools or other education institutions to guide their design processes. You can access the reports in their short and long forms though this link.

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