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New schooling provision for Halswell area

In the years following the earthquake the Halswell area in Christchurch was facing pressure surrounding schooling provision. The area was experiencing large population growth, with significant shifts in community compositions, and some schools were close to capacity. The area needed to create new schooling provision that addressed both its growing population and increasingly diverse composition.

D & G was contracted to engage all relevant stakeholders in their preferred options for increasing the area’s schooling provision. D & G conducted a two-phase engagement to include the community within the process. In the first phase, we facilitated face-to-face workshops with approximately 250 stakeholders to understand important considerations and preferred options. We then developed a shortlist of provision options that incorporated the communities’ preferences as well as the needs of the network. In phase two, D & G tested preference levels for the leading provision options through an online survey, which was completed by over 500 individuals.


D & G analysed and presented all information gathered through this engagement in a report to the Ministry of Education. In July 2017, the Minister of Education announced new year 1 - 8 schooling for Halswell West, which the report presented as the community’s top preference.

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