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Stakeholder analysis for Lyttelton Port Regeneration Plan

Lyttelton Port was badly damaged in the Christchurch earthquakes. Three years later, the Lyttelton Port Company released the Lyttelton Port Recovery Plan, which outlined a long-term vision for the port, including a number of possible options for its recovery and enhancement. The company then ran a comprehensive engagement to gain relevant stakeholders’ opinions on the plan’s content and the port’s future. Several hundred stakeholders provided feedback at workshops and through written outlets.


D & G was then contracted to thematically analyse all data collected, and to synthesise a report of stakeholders’ feedback on the plan and the port’s future. Our analysis generated 19 themes for what stakeholders believed to be most important for the port’s recovery, and concluded with four recommendations for which there was the highest degree of support during the consultation phase. Subsequently these four recommendations, along with other elements of D & G’s analysis, were incorporated into the Recovery Plan, and enabled the Lyttelton Port Company to develop a recovery plan that resonated with stakeholders.

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