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Cultural assessment of a growing engineering firm

A mid-sized engineering firm contracted D & G to undertake a review of organisational culture. Following the Canterbury earthquakes, the firm experienced rapid growth in both size and complexity, and wished to understand the extent to which its employees still embodied the organisation’s original values. Additionally, the firm was keen to better understand its organisational culture, so it could strengthen the positive areas, and remove the elements that were not aligned with the firm’s values.


To begin, D & G conducted a series of confidential one-on-one interviews with staff across departments, as well as a desktop analysis of organisational documentation. We then used the findings from these activities to construct an anonymous, company-wide survey, which provided robust and quantified feedback on a range of aspects of its organisational culture. D & G analysed and synthesised all data to produce both a report on the culture’s current landscape, and a comprehensive action plan for the firm to improve its organisational culture and employee satisfaction.

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